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    Company Profile

    Jinan Ganger CNC focus on the production and development of CNC machinery. All products have acquired?CE?certificate. Starting from 2005, series of CNC Machinery are developed and produced independently, including CNC Machining Centers for the stone industry and woodworking industry, stone cutting, grinding and engraving machine, CNC woodworking and panel furniture equipment. GANGER CNC sales network covers more than 30 provinces and cities in China, and brand image and market share continue to increase. With excellent product quality, perfect service system and precise marketing strategy, our company has won the trust and support of consumers all over China. Technological innovation, global sharing. Our company has established a new e-commerce sales model combining online and offline. The machines have been exported to Germany, Canada, United States, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Spain, South Korea, India, Poland, Southeast Asia, etc.

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    Add: No.999 Hualong Road, Jinan city, China
    TEL:86-0531-89001332 13864197735 18906416766
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